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Let Me Touch Your Mind, 2012-2013

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December 16, 2013: Jill Bourque, “Not Your Normal New Year's Eve” at Marines’ Memorial Theatre; director/performer Natasha Kaluza, “Mittens and Mistletoe: A Winter Circus Cabaret” at Dance Mission Theater (55 minutes)

December 9, 2013: Gerri Lawlor and Mikl Em, “Defenders of Intergalactic Donuts: They Dared to Conquer Infinity” at Stagewerx; Max and Nick Weinbach, “Max and Nicky: A Music and Comedy Variety Show Spectacular” at Merchants of Reality; Sara Moore, “It's Christmas, Carole!” at the Creativity Theatre; The Kinsey Sicks, “America’s Next Top Bachelor Housewife Celebrity Hoarder Makeover Star Gone Wild!” at the Castro (55 minutes)

December 2: I forgot. Oops.

November 25, 2013: musician London plays his bass guitar for the pleasure of all; actor/singer Kent Overshown, “Porgy and Bess” at the Golden Gate Theatre; actor Alicia Dattner, “The Oy of Sex” at The Marsh; librarianista Pat Tony, SFPL (58 minutes)

November 18, 2013: actor Daniel Petzold, “A Bright New Boise” at the Aurora Theatre; actors Brian Copeland, “The Jewelry Box” at The Marsh (33 minutes)

November 11, 2013: blues musicians Augusta Lee Collins and Julius Samuel Zelky III perform live; Andy Wenger, “Top Guys” at Stage Werx; actors Brian Rivera and Catherine Castellanos, “Alleluia, the Road” at the Intersection for the Arts (65 minutes)

November 4, 2013: author Judy Halebsky and actress Sheila Berotti, “Emmett Till - A River” at Theatre of Yugen; Tony award winner Wilson Jermaine Heredia, “A Little Princess” at the Berkeley Playhouse; actress Nikki Arias, “Rocky Horror Show” at the Boxcar Theater (57 minutes)

October 28, 2013: Sister Baba Ganesh and Sister Roma of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, “Project Nunway” at YBCA; filmmaker Michele Stephenson, “American Promise” screening; actor D'Arcy Drollinger, “Sex & the City” and “Friends” at Rebel; librarianista James Jeske, SFPL (58 minutes)

October 21, 2013: Thomas Robert Simpson, Executive & Artistic Director, Afro Solo Visual Arts Portrait Drawing Workshop; actor Donald Currie, “Sidewinders" at Cutting Ball Theater” LisA Drostova, Ragged Wing Theatre Company, “Buried in the Body” (59 minutes)

October 14, 2013: Patrick Makuakane, The Hula Show 2013; Paul Koudounaris, book signing for “Heavenly Creatures” (51 minutes)

October 7, 2013: Rod McFadden, Shelley Johnson, Jeffrey Orth, and Ella Zalon, “Hope's Last Chance” at Exit Theatre; Sherri Young, African-American Shakespeare Company season launch at the African-American Culture Complex; Darlene Popovic, “It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman” at 42nd Street Moon; Rio Yañez, “ Imagining Time, Gathering Memory: Día de los Muertos 2013” at SOMArts; Peaches Christ, “Grey Gardens” at the Castro Theatre (59 minutes)

September 30, 2013: Fantastic Negrito live; Michael M. and Dave McKew, Foul Play Productions, “The Stars Say Die” at Stagewerx; Cathy Cormier & Richard Le, San Francisco Public Library (57 minutes)

September 23, 2013: Andrew Wood, San Francisco International Arts Festival; Russell Blackwood, Shocktoberfest at the Hypnodrome (57 minutes)

September 16, 2013: Jessica Landsdown, Tinsel Pageant at Retrofit; The Neo-Futurists, “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind” at Boxcar Theatre (50 minutes)

September 9, 2013: Bea Dazzler & L. Ron Hubby, Faux Drag Queen Pageant at Slims; Ava Roy & John Hadden, “Macbeth” at Fort Point; Steve Huggins & Russ King, Western Star Dancers introductory square dance classes (58 minutes)

September 2, 2013: Kathy Turnbull, “Other Desert Cities” at Theatreworks; Max and Nicholas Weinbach, “A Match Made in Hell” at Brindlestiff; James Jeske, SFPL (58 minutes)

August 26, 2013: Sarah Mitchell, “After the Revolution” at the Aurora Theatre; Andrei Glase, Children's Multicultural Museum workshops at SFPL (58 minutes)

August 19, 2013: Jerome Picot, Cadence Myles, & Jordan Sumner, “Gratitude” by DanceAvision Entertainment (35 minutes)

August 12, 2013: Byb Chanel Bibene & Nadhi Thekkek, Performing Diaspora at Counterpulse; Lu Read, 18th annual San Francisco Drag King Contest at Space 550 Barneveld (51 minutes)

August 5, 2013: Jita Singh, Performing Diaspora at Counterpulse; Samuel James at Biscuits & Blues; Muisi-kongo Malonga, Performing Diaspora at Counterpulse (58 minutes)

July 15, 2013: Vernon Bush, “The Wiz” at the Berkeley Playhouse; Trinity West, San Francisco Film Society; Abi Manyu Das, “Festival of the Chariots” at Golden Gate Park (56 minutes)

July 8, 2013: Sara Moore, “Wonderwurld” at the Children's Creativity Museum; Peaches Christ, “The Craft” at the Castro Theatre; Peter Lewin, “Course for the Force” Relay Race (56 minutes)

July 1, 2013: Velina Brown, SF Mime Troupe; Andrew Wood, Maori Picnic Banquet & Atamira Dance Company from New Zealand; James Jeske, San Francisco Public Library (56 minutes)

June 17, 2013: Connie Champagne & Arturo Galster, “Hedwig & the Angry Inch” at Boxcar Theatre (partial interview - sorry); Steve Anthony Jones, “A Soldier's Play” at the Larraine Hansberry Theatre; Nikki Arias, “Into the Woods” at Ray of Light Theatre; Desiree Buford & Michelle Tea, Frameline 37 LGBT Film Festival (50 minutes)

June 10, 2013: Joe Wicht, “The Divine Sister” at New Conservatory Theatre; Danny Scheie, “Wild with Happy” at TheatreWorks; Tom Ross, “This Is How It Goes” at the Aurora Theatre (56 minutes)

May 27, 2013: Los Davids; Anthony Julius Williams and Sheila Collins, “Shafted” at the African-American Art & Culture Complex; James Jeske and author Marcus Ewert, San Francisco Public Library. Special guest host, DJ DEVON (53 minutes)

May 20, 2013: Andy Wenger & Damien Chacona, “Hampants Productions Presents” at Stagewerx; Russell Blackwood, Creepshow Camp at Hypnodrome; Thomas Robert Simpson, “Fela!” at the Paramount (53 minutes)

May 13, 2013: Jack Ryan & Marky Enriquez, “Doin' It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC” at the Clay Theatre; Liss Fain, “The Water Is Clear and Still” at the Forum at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; Dhaya Lakshiminarayanan and Samson Koletkar, “ImmigraNation” at the Punch Line Comedy Club (50 minutes)

May 6, 2013: Peaches Christ, “Rocky Horror Show” at the Victoria Theatre; Becky and Jennifer Placek, NAMIWalk; Issabella Shields,Executive Director, Great Wall of Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival; Dana King, MarinKids & Marin Open Studios (60 minutes)

April 29, 2013: Becky Kemper, “Merry Wives of Windsor” at African American Shakespeare Company; Jacquie Taliafero, San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) and San Francisco Black Film Festival (SFBFF); Catherine Cormier, Eric Hannan, & Jennifer Collins, San Francisco Public Library (60 minutes)

April 22, 2013: Dan Harder, “A Killer Story 13” at The Marsh; Kevin Clarke, “The Arsonist” at the Aurora Theatre; Catharine Clune, Tango No. 9 at St. Cyprians (60 minutes)

April 15, 2013: Rod McFadden and Melissa Howell, “Sheherezade 13” the Exit; Francesca D'Alessio, Paul Doherty, and Sam Sharkey, San Francisco Exploratorium grand opening; Giant Girlfriend, Milk Bar on Haight (70 minutes)

April 8, 2013: Greg MacKellan, “Carnival” at 42nd Street Moon; Russell Blackwood, “Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma” at the Hypnodrome; Henry Ernest, “UniverSoul Circus” in Oakland; Giant Girlfriend, Milk Bar on Haight (59 minutes)

April 1, 2013 Coco Peru “She's Got Balls” at the Castro Theatre (17 min)

March 25, 2013 Rory Davis “Story-ography” and James Jeske, SFPL (31 min)

March 18, 2013, part 1: Chuck Wallace “Powerful Love” singer/songwriter at Everett & Jones (24 min);
March 18, 2013, part 2: Andy Wenger & Damien Chacona, “Hampants Productions Presents” at Stagewerx; Marky Enriquez, CAAMFest (24 minutes)

March 11, 2013: John Fisher, “A Lady and a Woman” at Theater Rhinoceros; David Sinaiko, “The Chairs” at Cutting Ball Theatre; Marky Enriquez, CAAMFest (59 minutes)

February 25, 2013: Melissa Carey, “Spring Awakening” at Foothill Theatre;
Kurt Bodden, “Steve Seabrook: Better Than You” at The Marsh; Naima Dean, San Francisco Public Library (59 minutes)

February 18, 2013: Jason Brock and Arturo Galster, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at Boxcar Theatre;
Jayson Wechter, Chinese New Year treasure hunt; D'Arcy Drollinger, “Sex and the City” (59 minutes)

February 11, 2013: Anita Monga, Silent Film Festival; Julie Phelps, Otto and Emmett Ramstad, “Symptom” at CounterPULSE;
Sara Moore, “Wunder World” at The Garage; Charlene Hanson Jordan, “Whispers in the Church”
Jennifer Rockwell, San Francisco Public Library (59 minutes)

February 4, 2013: Jeff Ross, IndieFest; Paul Koudounaris, Demonically Possessed Cats & Crazyology lecture at 1000 Van Ness;
Mike Finn, “Three's Company” at Finn's Fun House; Robert Henry Johnson and Laura Ellis, Black Choreographers Festival;
Jennifer Rockwell, San Francisco Public Library (59 minutes)

January 28, 2013: Lauren Spencer, “Our Practical Heaven” at the Aurora Theatre; Kolmel and Jess Young, “The News” and curated shows at SOMArts (35 minutes)

January 21, 2013: L. Peter Callender, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” at the African American Shakespeare Company Complex; Michael Rosen, “Somewhere” at TheatreWorks; Eric Muller, Noir City Film Festival (66 minutes)

January 14, 2013: Justin Katz, the Edwardian Ball at the Regency Ballroom; Damien Chacona, Sketch Comedy at Stage Werx Theatre; Sarah Kremer, Program Director, Mentoring Institute and Bay Area Mentoring (61 minutes)

December 17, 2012: Cora Values, “Miracle at the Gas & Gulp” at Stagewerx; John Martin, Ragazzi Continuo performs “Songs of Wintertide” at Bethany United Methodist Church (60 minutes)

December 10, 2012: Peaches Christ, “The Nightmare We Call Christmas” at Castro Theatre; Dan Karkoska, aka DJ Dank, “Show Off” at the Box Factory (48 minutes)

December 3, 2012: Tuck, Tuck & Patti at Yoshi's; Arturo Galster & Ste Fishell, “Hedwig” at Boxcar Theater; Ken Henderson, Executive Director of REAF, “Help Is on the Way” at Marines Memorial Theatre; Heklina, “Golden Girls” at Victoria Theatre; Naima Dean, San Francisco Public Library (118 minutes)

November 26, 2012: Black Cobra Vipers, Elbo Room Nov. 28; Terrence Kelly, director, Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir; Ian Kizu-Blair from “Come Out & Play SF” at SomArts (60 minutes)

November 05, 2012: Albert Liu, Bridge HIV; Brian Trybom, “Wilder Times” at the Aurora Theatre; James Jeske and Jane R. Willson, San Francisco Public Library (56 minutes)

October 29, 2012: Sharon RietKirk, “The Sound of Music” at Julia Morgan Theatre; Alvon Johnson at Yoshis (59 minutes)

October 22, 2012: Brian Freeman, “Fierce Love” at New Conservatory Theater; Anwar Muhammed, Partnerships in Action; Matt Scott, Rasputin's Marionettes (59 minutes)

October 15, 2012: Lisa Ferrarro & Tammy Hall, The Late, Late Show: An Homage to Dakota Stanton; Caitlyn Louchard and Carl Holvick Thomas, Strindberg Cycle; Patrick Makuak?ne, The Hula Show (57 minutes)

October 8, 2012: Leigh Crow, Rosanne; Morgan Ludlow et al, Spooky Cabaret (57 minutes)

October 1, 2012: Russell Blackwood, Shocktoberfest; Laura Lundy-Payne, Zombie Vixens from Hell; Michelle Jeffers, San Francisco Public Library (55 minutes)

September 24, 2012: Nashant Gogna, Campus Movie Fest; Yaelisa, Luke Griswold-Tergis, Flamenco Passion; John Newmeyer, Julie Newmar Jubilee (58 minutes)

August 6, 2012: Tori Hoehler, NASA Curiosity rover (43 minutes)