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“Let Me Touch Your Mind” Interview Archive 2019

Performing arts and science interviews
To download your interview, right-click on the download icon and select “Save Link As...” Downloading is highly recommended; interviews are removed after six months.

If you'd like to get a copy of an interview from prior years, send me an email and I will send it to you.

December 30, 2019 download Janine Mogannum, Quindi Berger, and Randy Weaver, San Francisco Public Library

December 16, 2019 download Connie Champagne, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” at Martunis; Celia Fushille, “The Christmas Ballet” at YBCA; Eddie Muller, “Christmas Noir” at the Castro Theatre

December 9, 2019 download Kieran Beccia, “An Invitation Out 2019” at the Potrero Stage; Carol Walker, “Drunk Drag Boozemas” at Oasis; Alvin Orloff, author, “Disasterama” at Dog-Eared Books

December 2, 2019 download Anita Monga, “A Day of Silents” at the Castro Theatre

November 25, 2019 download Kim Epifano, “Rock and Mortar” at Z Space; Marcie Rich, San Francisco Public Library

November 18, 2019 download Cherie Hill, Gabriel Christian, and Chibueze Crouch, “Performing Diaspora 2019” at Counterpulse; Lafemmebear, CD release; Sara Moore, “Atomic Clown” at the Potrero Stage

November 11, 2019 download Henry S. Rosenthal, “Cops vs. Aliens” at the Victoria Theatre; David Hirata, “A Box Without A Bottom” at The Marsh Berkeley; Don Malcolm, “The French Had a Name For It” at the Roxie Theatre

November 4, 2019 download Science Ambassador Jed Thompson, Stanford, particle physics; Rudy Colombini, Music City Hit Factory groundbreaking block party on Fern Alley; Tina Taylor and Gwyneth Richards, “Convoy 31000” at LaVals; Joshua Raoul Brody, “Noir-Off” at the Presidio Theatre

October 28, 2019 download Susannah Martin, “Elevada” at Shotgun Theatre; Robert Townsend, “Living the Shuffle” at The Marsh Berkeley

October 21, 2019 download Terry Baum and Carolyn Myers, “One Dyke's Theater” book release; Emily Zisman, talented musician; Carolina Quintanilla, “Dia de Los Muertos” at SOMArts

October 16, 2019 download Ariela Morgenstern, “Gypsy” at Z Space; Adia Tamar Whitaker, “Have K(NO!)w Fear: A Bluessical” at ODC; Moses Pendleton, MOMIX at the Hammer Theatre

October 14, 2019 download Martín Santangelo, “Entre Tú Y Yo” at Z Space; Victoria Podesta, “Designated Daughter” at The Marsh; Shira Cion, “Gorani” at Hammer Theatre; Patricia Cotter, “The Daughters” at the Creativity Theater at The Children’s Creativity Museum

October 9, 2019 download Vanessa Sanchez, “Pachuquismo” at Brava Theatre; Irma Herrera, “Why Would I Mispronounce My Own Name” at SF Solo Series

October 7, 2019 download Science Ambassador Andy Mayo, UC Berkeley, Astronomy; L. Peter Callender, “Othello” at Marines' Memorial Theatre; Angel Adedokun, Joshua Beld, and Kevin Singer, “Once More, With Feeling” at Oasis

September 30, 2019 download Michael Gene Sullivan, San Francisco Mime Troupe Benefit Gala at the Presidio Theatre; Nick Ishimaru, “Puppets & Poe: Devised Defiance” at Theatre of Yugen; Ryan Hill, “Dionysus Was Such a Nice Man” at the Joe Goode Annex; Lyn Davidson, San Francisco Public Library

September 23, 2019 download Susan Harloe, Darryl V. Jones, and Randall Wong, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” at Z Space; Marina Elena and Fanny Ara, “Tattooed” at the Presidio Theatre; Keith Pinto, “The Rocky Horror Show” at San Jose Stage Company

September 16, 2019 download Del Shores, “This Side of Crazy” at New Conservatory Theatre; Edris Anifowoshe-Cooper, “El Rio” at Brava Theatre

September 9, 2019 download Carrie and Heston Cleveland, “Looking Up: The Complete Works” album; Jeffrey Polk, “Hot Mikado” at the Gateway Theatre; Justin Hoover, “4Waves: 40 Performances for the Hole” at SOMArt Gallery

August 26, 2019 download Adrian Elfenbaum, “The Mousetrap” at Ross Valley Players; Patrick Nims, “The Humans” at the Novato Theater Company Charlie Varon, “The Great American Sh*t Show” at The Marsh; Lauren Mayer, “Curriculum Rocks” CD release; Janine Mogannam, San Francisco Public Library

August 19, 2019 download Adrianna Thompson and Barbara Koch, “Parallel Dialogs” and “Golden Mean” at Dance Mission Theatre; Cassidy Brown, “39 Steps” at TheatreWorks; John Fisher, “The History of World War II” at The Marsh in Berkeley

August 12, 2019 download Brian Copeland, “The Great American Sh*t Show” at The Marsh; Marc Capelle and Kerry Laitala, “Microcosmic Cinema” at the Balboa Theatre; Syed Afzal Haider, “Life of Ganesh” book reading at Green Arcade; Teen Battle of the Bands winner Metro band members

August 5, 2019 download Science Ambassador Deepthi Gorthi, UC Berkeley, Astronomy; Janine Mogannam, San Francisco Public Library

July 29, 2019 download Shark Shartsis, San Francisco Rock Project; Connie Champagne, “Judy at Stonewall” at PianoFight

July 22, 2019 download Danielle Trzcinski, “Little Black Dress” at Hammer Theatre Center; Milissa Carey, “Cinderella” at Foothill Music Theatre; Renee Rogoff, “Witch Hunt” by Those Women Productions

July 15, 2019 download Bruce Conforth, “Up Jumped the Devil” book signing at Green Apple Books on the Park; L. Peter Callender and Sherri Young, “Macbeth” at the Taube Atrium Theater

July 8, 2019 download Science Ambassador Yi-Chuan Lu, UC Berkeley, Geophysics; Rod Armstrong, 9th annual Hong Kong Cinema; Peaches Christ, “Bring It On, Queen” at the Castro Theatre

July 1, 2019 download Science Ambassador Yi-Chuan Lu, UC Berkeley, Geophysics; Michael Gene Sullivan, “Treasure Island” at Dolores Park; Moazzam Sheikh, San Francisco Public Library

June 24, 2019 download Sam Tillis, “Farenheit 451” at the Potrero Stage

June 17, 2019 download Marc Heustis, “Impresario of Castro Street” book release; John Fisher, “Action Hero” at the Phoenix Theatre; Michael Vincent, “Books & Brews” book sale at Anchor Public Taps; Paul Struthers, “Frameline 43” at the Castro

June 10, 2019 download Lisa Geduldig, “10th Annual Obligatory June Gay Comedy Show” at El Rio and “Fathers Day Comedy Show” at Ashekaz; Stephen Stocking, “Archduke” at TheatreWorks

June 3, 2019 download Science Ambassador Tyler Bonnen, Stanford, Neuroscience

May 27, 2019 download Patricia Milton and Chelsea Bearce, “The Victorian Ladies' Detective Collective” at Berkeley City Club; Anissa Malady and Janet Tom, San Francisco Public Library

May 20, 2019 download Andrew Wood, San Francisco International Arts Festival at Fort Mason; Allison Page and Kate Elston, “Triple Feature” at PianoFight; Marc Capelle, “Microcosmic Ray” at the Balboa Theatre

May 13, 2019 download Chill E.B.; Kimberly Daniel and Mayank Patel, San Francisco Department of Elections

May 6, 2019 download Science Ambassador Qin Qin Yu, UC Berkeley, Biophysics

April 29, 2019 download Wayne Harris, “Mother's Milk” at The Marsh Berkeley; Jason Mendez and Amanda Ortmayer, “Supremacy” at the Exit Theatre; Katherine Eppler, SFPL; Andrea Davis, Brandon Lara, Princess Lexis, and Xanabis, The Mix at the SFPL

April 22, 2019 download Anita Monga, 24th Annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival; Ava Roy, “Undiscovered Country” at the Sunnyside Conservatory; Marcie Rich and Melissa Mendola, San Francisco Public Library

April 15, 2019 download Shannon Davis, “Hele” at Theatre of Yugen; Black Benetar, “Black Benatar's Magic Cabaret” at Brava Theatre; Brusia, “Theatre of Trash ” at the Stud

April 8, 2019 download Rod Armstrong, Erin Davis, and Vince Wilburn, Jr., SFFILM Festival; Brian Copeland, “The Great American Shit Show” at The Marsh

April 1, 2019 download Science Ambassador Leslie Koyama, Stanford, Biology; John Hale, “All the Way” at Contra Costa Civic Theatre; April Kidwell, “First Wives Fight Club” at the Castro Theatre

March 25, 2019 download L. Peter Callender and Thomas Robert Simpson, “Black Eagles” at the Marines Memorial Theatre; Jerry Metzker, “Death Trap” at the Gateway Theatre; Librarianista Dorcas Wong, San Francisco Public Library

March 18, 2019 download Sara Moore, “Tilt” at the Circus Center Theatre; Mark Jackson, “Kill the Debbie Downers! Kill Them! Kill Them! Kill Them Off” at the Shotgun Players Theatre; Pamela Rose, “Blues Is a Woman” at Rhythmix Cultural Works;

March 11, 2019 download Patty from HR, “Patty from HR Would Like a Word” at the Oasis

March 4, 2019 download Science Ambassador Rachel Jansen, UC Berkeley, Cognitive Science; Marissa Rudd, “Marie and Rosetta” at TheatreWorks

February 25, 2019 download Aaron Hurley, “Bullets Over Broadway” at Foothill College; Anne Yumi Koburi, “Every Day Alice” at Piano Fight; Librarianistas Daniel Motsumoto and Janet Tom, San Francisco Public Library

February 18, 2019 download Sister Wanika, “A Night Called Freedom” at St. Cyprian's Center; Chyna Maykit and Carol Walker, “Drunk Drag Broadway Hosts the Oscars” at the Oasis; Margo Hall, “How I Learned What I Learned” at the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre

February 11, 2019 download Science Ambassador Dana Kralicek, Stanford, Material Science

February 4, 2019 download Science Ambassador Daniel Friedman, Stanford, Insect Biology; Librarianista Janine Mogannam, San Francisco Public Library

January 28, 2019 download Khary L. Moye and Katja Rivera, “Honky” Role Players Ensemble, (address correction: 233 Front Street); Jeff Ross, IndieFest 2019 at the Victoria and Roxie Theatres; Zappo, “Hippie Kid” at The Marsh

January 21, 2019 download Don Reed, “That Don Reed Show” at The Marsh Berkeley; Ariel Craft and Juenèe Simon, “Collaboration in the Tenderloin” at Cutting Ball Theatre; Eddie Muller, the 17th annual Film Noir Festival at the Castro Theatre; David Lofton and Blue Buddha, “Soul San Francisco: Black Art Salons” at Brava Theatre

January 14, 2019 download Kevin Blake, “Volver” at Brava Theatre; Justin Katz, Ron Jenkins, Stephen Rademaker, and Troye Welch, the Edwardian Ball at the Regency Theatre

January 7, 2019 download Science Ambassador Dana Kralicek, Stanford, Material Science

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