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“Let Me Touch Your Mind” Interview Archive 2022

Performing arts and science interviews
To download your interview, right-click on the download icon and select “Save Link As...” Downloading is highly recommended; interviews are removed after six months.

If you'd like to get a copy of an interview from prior years, send me an email and I will send it to you.

December 26, 2022 download Leslie Koyama, Stanford, Developmental Biology; Michael Phillis, “Baloney” documentary on streaming platforms; Janine Mogannam, San Francisco Public Library

December 19, 2022 Unique Derrique, “Fool La La: Holiday Gift!” at The Marsh Berkeley; Rica Anderson, “A Christmas Memory” at Theatre Rhinoceros; (Harrison Chastang filling in; no recording available.)

December 12, 2022 download Michelle Leonard-Bell, Career Resource Fair at City College of San Francisco Mission Center; Ely Sunny Orquiza, “Porcelain” at Theatre Rhinoceros; Margo Hall & Darryl V. Jones, “Halie! The Mahalia Jackson Musical” at the Magic Theatre

December 5, 2022 download Science Envoy Gustav Steinhardt, tamarin monkey social organization

November 28, 2022 download Scrumbly Koldewyn, “The Cockettes: Eternal Emissions” at Piano Fight Eny Jacinto, San Francisco Public Library

November 21, 2022 Anita Monga, “A Day of Silents” at the Castro Theatre (note: due to technical issue, we don't have a recording of this interview. )

November 14, 2022 download Erin Mei-Ling Stuart, “Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812” at the Ashby Stage

November 7, 2022 download Science envoy Billie Goolsby, Stanford, frog parenting

October 31, 2022 download Elizabeth Carter, Juanita Harris, Julia Jackson, Brenda Miles, and Brittany Nicole Sims, “The Museum Annex” at Berkeley City Club; Gregory Hom, San Francisco Public Library

October 24, 2022 download D'Arcy Drollinger, “Sqream” at Oasis; Tina D'Elia, “Overlooked Latinas” at The Marsh

October 17, 2022 download Crystal Liu, “Terror-Rama IV: In Space!” at the Exit Theatre

October 3, 2022 download Science envoy Ashwin Singh, UC Berkeley, trapping molecules with lasers

September 26, 2022 download John Fisher, “Banalties” at Theatre Rhino; Emilee Enders, “Harmon & Harriet Kelley Collection of African American Art: Works on Paper” at the Bedford Gallery; Jesse Dutton-Kenny and Daniel Matsumoto, San Francisco Public Library

September 19, 2022 download Irma Herrera, “Why Would I Mispronounce My Own Name?” at The Marsh Berkeley; Brian Copeland, “Grandma & Me” at The Marsh San Francisco

September 12, 2022 download Sarah Tipple, Dore Coller, Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival

September 5, 2022 download Science envoy Daniel Shaykevich, Stanford, cognitive behaviors in toads; Steve Huggins, Western Star Dancers introductory class

August 29, 2022 download Science envoy Ellen Novoseller, UC Berkeley, AI exoskeletons; Monica Nolan and Bryan Duran, San Francisco Public Library

August 22, 2022 download Ronkat, Katadelic at the Golden Gate Park bandshell and Boom Boom Room; Peaches Christ, “Drag Becomes Her” at the Castro Theatre and “Terrordome&8221; at the Old Mint

August 15, 2022 download Michael Phillis, &B8220;Eat, Pray, Patty” at Oasis; Julia Jackson and Meja Tyehimba, “Unmasked: Stories from the Heart” at Bay Terrace Theatre; Fudgie Frottage, San Francisco Drag King Competition at Oasis

August 8, 2022 download Science Envoy Alexander Madurowicz, Stanford, extrasolar planets (rebroadcast)

August 1, 2022 download Science Ambassador Rebecca Miller, Wildfires and Public Policy, Stanford (rebroadcast)

July 25, 2022 download Cathy Cormier, Christina Mitra, Kevin Darling, Janine Mogannam, and William Alvites, San Francisco Public Library

July 18, 2022 download Edris Anifawoshe-Cooper, &B8220;Boys Go to Jupiter” at Z Space; Jimmy Leslie and Pamela Parker, “Spirit Hustler” CD release party at The Chapel

July 11, 2022 download Science envoy Douglas Steven Miller, Stanford, memory and learning (rebroadcast)

July 4, 2022 download Science envoy Sergiy Vasylyev, UC Berkeley, supernova explosions and their geometry

June 27, 2022 download Velina Brown, “Back to the Way Things Were” by the San Francisco Mime Troupe; Steve Indig and Aki Kumar, Elvis Presley Tribute Party at the Make-Out Room; Xima Avalos, San Francisco Public Library

June 20, 2022 download Lady Harriet Sebastian, her life and times, part 2

June 13, 2022 download Chibueze Ihuoma, “Hadestown” at the Orpheum Theater; Don Reed, “Going Out” at The Marsh; Abigail Munn, “Flip * Flop * Fly *” by Circus Bella

June 6, 2022 download Science envoy Chandler Sutherland, UC Berkeley, plant immune systems; Michael Phillis, “Baloney” documentary on streaming platforms; Peaches Christ, “All About Evil” at the Victoria Theater

May 30, 2022 download Dan Karkoska, “The Cockettes: Eternal Emissions” at Oasis; Britt Lauer and Ava Roy, “The Keeper” by the We Players; librarianistas Shawna Sherman and Illeana Pulu, San Francisco Public Library

May 23, 2022 download Carole Hyde and Leonore Delgado, Ambassadors of Compassion Story Writing Contest; Ron Merk, “Breaking Down Walls” at The Cowell Theatre

May 16, 2022 download Dalia Rawson and Atlquetzalli Rivera, “La Boutique Fantasque” at the Hammer Theatre Center; Gillian Eichenberger, “A Doll's House, Part 2” by Novato Theater Company

May 9, 2022 download Lady Harriet Sebastian, her life and times (rebroadcast)

May 2, 2022 download Science envoy Ben Seiler, Stanford, machine learning and algorithmic fairness

April 25, 2022 download Anita Monga, Silent Film Festival; librarianista Katherine Eppler, San Francisco Public Library, tech week and volunteering

April 18, 2022 download Lady Harriet Sebastian, her life and times

April 4 2022 download Science envoy Douglas Steven Miller, Stanford, memory and learning

March 28, 2022 download Karina Denike, The Cottontails at the Edwardian Ball at the Regency Theatre; Doreen Horstin, San Francisco Public Library, financial literacy month

March 21, 2022 download Eddie Muller, Noir City Film Festival at Grand Lake Theatre; Joseph Tally, “How Black Mothers Say I Love You” at Spark Arts

March 14, 2022 download Dalia Rawson, 5th Annual “Fast Forward” Contemporary Ballet at Hammer Theatre Center John Tarlton and Jenny Dearborn, “Until the Wheels Came Off” documentary release
Alec Shuldiner, “The Automat” documentary release

March 7, 2022 download Science envoy Antonia Langenhoff, UC Berkeley, cognitive development of children

February 28, 2022 download librarianista Molly McCall, San Francisco Public Library, bookmobile

February 21, 2022 download Jimmy Leslie, “Spirit Hustler” CD/record release party at Sweetwater

February 14, 2022 download Monique Jenkinson, “Faux Queen: A Life in Drag” book release party at Oasis

February 7, 2022 download Science envoy Erin Person, UC Berkeley, social behavior of wild animals

January 31, 2022 download Charles Gurke, We Players, “Hamlet on Alcatraz” music release

January 3, 2022 download Science envoy Micah Carroll, UC Berkeley, Artificial Intelligence

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