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“Let Me Touch Your Mind” Interview Archive 2023

Performing arts and science interviews
To download your interview, right-click on the download icon and select “Save Link As...” Downloading is highly recommended; interviews are removed after six months.

If you'd like to get a copy of an interview from prior years, send me an email and I will send it to you.

December 25, 2023 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

December 18, 2023 download Katya Smirnoff-Skyy, “Katya, A Holiday Spectacular! Live from NCTC” at the New Conservatory Theatre Center; Lisa Geduldig and Rich Aronovich, “Kung Pao Kosher Comedy” at the Imperial Palace Restaurant

December 11, 2023 download Sharon Benitez, “Ghostly Labor” at Brava Theater; Doug Litwin, “The Nutmare before Christmas” at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; Dan Karkoska & Connie Champagne, “A Very Judy Christmas” at Martuni's; Jung Ho-Pak, “Bay Philharmonic Presents: A Holiday Spectacular!” at Chabot College Performing Arts Center

December 4, 2023 download Science Envoy Alisa Braun, UC Berkeley, fixational eye movements; Veronica Blair, “Kaleidoscope” by Circus Bella

November 27, 2023 download Dyan McBride, “Ruthless” at the New Conservatory Theatre Center; Brenda Way, “Velveteen Rabbit” at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; Erik Zea, San Francisco Public Library

November 20, 2023 download Anita Monga, “A Day of Silents” at the Castro Theater; Carly Ozard, “Carly and Friends” at Martunis

November 13, 2023 download Sonait Mengstab and Mark McHenry, “Group Therapy” at Theatre Rhinoceros; Shawn J. West, “We Are Continuous” at New Conservatory Theatre Center; Chris Steele, “Innovators Showcase” at Potrero Stage

November 6, 2023 download Science envoy Rachel Porter, Wonderfest, Stanford, bacteria colonies; Alvin Orloff, “Vulgarian Rhapsody” book release

October 30, 2023 download Cindy Goldfield, “Mame” at 42nd Street Moon; librarianistas Doreen Horstin and Andrea Yeager, San Francisco Public Library

October 23, 2023 download Sofia Ahmad and Amal Bisharat, “Re-Orient” at Potrero Stage; Graham Lustig, “Luna Mexicana” at the Hammer Theatre Center and Paramount Theatre; Dr. Artel Great and Elizabeth Gessel, “The Pleasures of Fear: Black Horror Films & the American Dream” at MOAD

October 16, 2023 Ivan Jaigirdar, “South Asian Film Festival” at Roxie Theater; Kim Epifano, “San Francisco Trolley Dancders” by Epiphany Dance Theater; Margo Hall, “Nollywood Dreams” at San Francisco Playhouse (NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, there is no recording)

October 9, 2023 download Marga Gomez, “Swimming with Lesbians” at Brava Theater; Nina G., “Nina G.: Stutterer Interrupted” at the New Parkway Theater; Peaches Christ, “Terror Vault: The Initiation” at the Old Mint

October 2, 2023 download Science envoy Josh Tong, Wonderfest, Stanford, spiky formations, icebergs, qubits, and dark matter

September 25, 2023 download Crystal Pascucci-Clifford, “SF Music Day 2023” at the War Memorial Building; Celeste Wong, Mill Valley Film Festival; librarianistas Kevin Darling and Anissa Malady, San Francisco Public Library

September 18, 2023 download Sheila Devitt, “The Plastic Life of Mr. Zee” at the Shorebird Nature Center in Berkeley; Jung-Ho Pak, “Bay Phil Presents Broadway’s Best” at Chabot College Performing Arts Center

September 11, 2023 download Science envoy Maria Viteri, Stanford, the intersection of conservation, ecology, and paleontology [rebroadcast]

September 4, 2023 download Science envoy Alyssa Li Dayan, Wonderfest, UC Berkeley, artificial intelligence learning

August 28, 2023 download Al Gilbert, social service programs at Felton Institute; Allison Peltz, “The Addams Family” at the Novato Theater Company; librarianista Lyn Davidson, San Francisco Public Library

August 21, 2023 download Ruby Vixen, “Cowgirl-palooza” at El Rio; Ava Roy, “The Keeper” at Cal Shakes; Howard Marks, “Summer Jam” kickstarter campaign; Cheryl Blalock, “Il Ducato” at Blue Shield of CA Theatre at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

August 14, 2023 download Michelle Monsour, “Introductions 2023” at Root Division; Star Finch and Tierra Allen, “Josephine's Feast” at the Magic Theatre; Michael French, “Sylvester: Mighty Real” by Eye Zen Productions

August 7, 2023 download Science envoy Kris Evans, Wonderfest, Stanford, mindset beliefs; Donald Malcolm, “The French Had a Name for It” at the 4-Star Theater; Richard Segovia, Chris McGrew, & Thurman Watts, “Time Has Come: Revelations of a Mississippi Hippie” book signing and documentary at La Casa Bandito

July 31, 2023 download Marc Capelle, tribute to Burt Bacharach at the Chapel; Donald Malcolm, “The French Had a Name for It” at the 4-Star Theater; librarianista Kirstie Harless, SFPL

July 24, 2023 download Amy Seiwert, “Sketch 13” at ODC Theater; Kate Ryan, “Summer Beats Festival 2023” San Francisco City College; Cheryl Fabio, &38220;A Rising Tide” a documentary at the New Parkway Theatre

July 17, 2023 download Brenda Way and Kimi Okada, “Summer Sampler” at ODC Theater; JoJo Vaughan, “Summer Beats Festival 2023” at the Northgate Mall; Donald Lacy, &38220;Josephine's Feast” at the Magic Theatre

July 10, 2023 download Tamara Osheroff, “3rd Annual Guitar Restring-A-Thon” at Northgate Mall in Terra Linda; Ken Henderson, “Help Is On the Way 27” at Marines' Memorial Theatre

July 3, 2023 download Science envoy Tyler Cox, UC Berkeley, formation and evolution of the first stars and galaxies; Anita Monga, 26th Annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival at the Castro Theatre

June 26, 2023 download Andre Amarotico, “Breakdown: A New Musical” by the San Francisco Mime Troupe; Nicholas Phan, “Metamorphosis: Recovery, Renewal, and Rebirth” at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music; Abigail Munn, “Bananas!” by Circus Bella; librarianista Gregory Hom, San Francisco Public Library

June 19, 2023 download Sara Toby Moore, “Atomic Comic” at ZSpace; Michael Phillis, “Pride in Gotham” at the Hibernia

June 12, 2023 download Gina Yashere, “The Woman King of Comedy” at Social Hall; Margo Hall and Traci Tolmaire, “In the Evening by the Moonlight” at Young Performer's Theatre; Josh Kornbluth, “Citizen Brain” at The Marsh Berkeley

June 5, 2023 download Science envoy Kevin Aris, Stanford, CRISPR and molecular DNA cleaving

May 29, 2023 download Andrew Wood, San Francisco International Arts Festival; Charlie Albright, “Bay Phil Plays Beethoven” at James Logan High School Performing Arts Center; librarianistas Lyn Davidson, Rachel Fiege, and Molly McCall, San Francisco Public Library

May 22, 2023 download Margaret Holscher, “Pericles” at Yerba Buena Gardens; Rey LaChaux, Affordable Connectivity Program (getacp.org) in San Francisco

May 15, 2023 download Moazzam Sheikh, author, “A Footbridge to Hell Called Love” out now; Nic Moore, “Shakespeare in Love” at the Novato Theater Company; Ross Travis, “Tempting Fate” at Little Boxes Theater

May 8, 2023 download Carola Zertuche, “Transitar por un Mondo sin Tiempo” Alasdair Fraser, “The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers”; Jess Ju, “CAAMFest” May 7-21st; (bonus) Asher Belsky, concert at Golden Gate Park Bandshell

May 1, 2023 download Science envoy Ceyenna Tillman, Stanford, coral reef environments; Eric Garcia, “We Build Houses Here” at Oasis

April 24, 2023 download Carly Ozard, “Carly Ozard & Friends” at Martuni's; Monica Palacios, “San Francisco, Mi Amor” at Brava Theatre; librarianista John Smalley, San Francisco Public Library

April 17, 2023 download Teao Sense and Jo “Love/Speak” Cruz, Audiopharmacy, “LCA Live” at McKenna Theater; Key Jo Lee, “Black Venus” at Museum of African Diaspora; Adamu Chan, “What These Walls Won't Hold” at SFFILM; Homer Flynn, “Faceless Forever” and “Triple Trouble” at the Great American Music Hall

April 10, 2023 download Tee Watts, “Time Has Come: Revelations of a Mississippi Hippie” book release at Bird & Beckett; Fred Pitts, “Aren't You...?” at The Marsh Berkeley

April 3, 2023 download Science envoy Jyotirmai Singh, Stanford, search for dark matter; Richard Mosqueda, “Locusts Have No King” at New Conservatory Theatre

March 27, 2023 download Genanne Walsh, “Eggs in Purgatory” publication; Patrick Dooley, Shotgun Players “Triumph of Love” at the Ashby Stage; Connie Champagne and David Hawkins, “Judy Garland: Fool in Love” at Martuni's; librarianista Catherine Cormier, San Francisco Public Library

March 20, 2023 download Noémie Njangiru, Berlin & Beyond Film Festival; Kathryn Keats “The Hummingbird” at The Marsh; Rudy Guerrero, Central Works, “Mondragola” at Berkeley City Club

March 13, 2023 download Mia d'Bruzzi, Frightwig/Dizzy Twin/Farmers Market/Golden Gate Park band shell shows; Ava Roy and Regina Léon, We Players “Adventures with Alice” in Golden Gate Park; Carolyn Jackson, Dance Theatre of Harlem at Lesher Center for the Arts

March 6, 2023 download Science envoy Sarina Patel, UC Berkeley, earthquake detection; John Fisher, “Trustafarian,” “Sticky Rice,” and “The Rita Hayworth of This Generation”at Theatre Rhino

February 27, 2023 download Jung-Ho Pak, “Kings of Soul & Swing” at James Logan High School Performing Arts Center; RonKat Spearman, “Love Me for Today” single release; librarianista Jana De Brauwere, San Francisco Public Library

February 20, 2023 download Joe Tally, “A Guide for the Homesick” at Theatre Rhinoceros; Michael Phillis, “The Hand That Rocks the Crawford” and “Baloney” at Oasis

February 13, 2023 download Lawrence Helman, “One Night Only” benefit at Marines' Memorial Theater; Cassidy Brown, “Tea Party” at The Rueff at A.C.T.’s Strand Theater; Kelly Wiggin, “The Anti-Valentine's Day Power Ballad Sing-A-Long” at the Roxie Theater

February 6, 2023 download Science envoy Trinity Walls, UC Berkeley, spiders; librarianista Shawna Sherman, San Francisco Public Library

January 23, 2023 download Ennio Marchetto, “Ennio: The Living Paper Cartoon” at Club Fugazi; Carly Ozard, “Live at Martuni's - Carly Ozard & Friends” at Martuni's

January 16, 2023 download Mike Gaines of Vau de Vire Society and Justin Katz of Rosin Coven, The Edwardian Ball at the Regency Ballroom

January 9, 2023 download Elizabeth Gessel, Museum of African Diaspora free day; Eddie Muller, 20th Annual Film Noir Festival at Grand Lake Theatre

January 2, 2023 download Science envoy Maria Viteri, Stanford, the intersection of conservation, ecology, and paleontology

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