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“Let Me Touch Your Mind” Interview Archive 2024

Performing arts and science interviews
To download your interview, right-click on the download icon and select “Save Link As...” Downloading is highly recommended; interviews are removed after six months.

If you'd like to get a copy of an interview from prior years, send me an email and I will send it to you.

June 17, 2024 download Abigail Munn, Circus Bella's “Wow!” at Yerba Buena Garden; Terry Baum, “Hick” at The Marsh; Drini Phipps, Drini & the Bad Kats Band upcoming shows

June 10, 2024 download Allegra Madsen, Frameline 48 opening June 19; Michael Mabbott and Lucah Rosenberg-Lee, “Any Other Way” at the Palace of Fine Arts; Steve Budd, “Seeing Stars” at The Marsh Berkeley

June 3, 2024 download Science envoy Sean Waterton, Stanford, molecular biology

May 27, 2024 download Stan Stone, “Freedom” at Potrero Stage; Dr. Andrea Balis and Elizabeth Levy, “Witch Hunt: The Cold War, Joe McCarthy, and the Red Scare ” book release; Dan Karkoska, “Dirt! Sex! Passion!” at Oasis

May 20, 2024 download Michael Phillis, “Sunnydale Prom” at the Old Mint; Margo Hall and Naomi Iizuka, “Garuda's Wing” at the Magic Theatre; Librarianista Ashley Marshall, San Francisco Public Library

May 13, 2024 download Melissa Lewis Wong, “Flowers and Fog” at the Gateway Theatre

May 6, 2024 download Science envoy Ari Ball-Burack, UC Berkeley, climate change and public policy; Ava Roy, “Adventures with Alice” in Golden Gate Park

April 29, 2024 download Andrew Wood, “The San Francisco International Arts Festival”; Mark Nemoyten, “Golden Gate Band Summer Concert Series” in Golden Gate Park; librarianista Darren Heiber, San Francisco Public Library

April 22, 2024 download Anthony Graham, “A Movement in Every Direction: Legacies of the Great Migration” at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; Daniel Thomas, “Forever Plaid” at 42nd Street Moon; Taylor Gonzalez, “SF Mime Troupe Fundraiser 2024” at the SF Mime Troupe Studio

April 15, 2024 download Science envoy Alex Madurowicz, Stanford, extra-solar planets [rebroadcast]

April 8, 2024 download Anita Monga, “SF Silent Film Festival” at the Palace of Fine Arts; Brian Copeland, “Not a Genuine Black Man” at the Marsh

April 1, 2024 download Science envoy Bethany Suter, UC Berkeley, particle physics; Nick Olivero, “The Speakeasy” at Boxcar Theatre

March 25, 2024 download Balthvs, first North American tour at the Cornerstone in Berkeley; Roger Q. Mason, “the Pride of Lions” at the Theater Rhino; Librarianista Coleen Umali, San Francisco Public Library

March 18, 2024 download William Hodgson & Celeste Camille, “A Midsummer Bug” at the Shotgun Theatre; Renee Rogoff, “39 Steps” at the San Francisco Playhouse; Edward Chen, “The Great Leap” at the Lesher Theater; Jonathan Parker and Marlo McKenzie, “Carol Doda: Topless at the Condor” documentary

March 11, 2024 download Sam Sharkland, “Pi Day” at the Exploratorium; Michael Ray Wisely, “Boss McGreedy” at the Berkeley City Club; Jung-Ho Pak, Bay Philharmonic Celtic Celebration at Chabot College; Joshua Kohl and Crow Nishimura, “Skeleton Flower” at ODC Theatre

March 4, 2024 download Science envoy Teddi Worledge, Stanford, AI language models; Meklit Hadera, “Meklit: Ethio-Blue” at Brava Theater Center

February 26, 2024 download Luke Barnesmoore, Home Match; Ashley Smiley, “Dirty White Teslas Make Me Sad” at the Magic Theatre; Jewelle Gomez, “Unpacking in P'Town” at the New Conservatory Theatre Center; Librarianista Kate Patterson, “The Night of Ideas” at the SFPL Main Library

February 19, 2024 download John Hill, “Billy” at Theatre Rhinoceros; Marilyn Izdebsky, “Spamalot” at the Novato Theater Company; Peaches Christ, “Terror Vault: The Initiation” at the Old Mint

February 12, 2024 download Carl Winters, “Kalimba King” performances at South San Francisco Public Library

February 5, 2024 download Science envoy Mila Pamplona Barbosa, Stanford, ant neurophysiology and circadian rhythms

January 29, 2024 download Science envoy Jed Thompson, Stanford, particle physics [rebroadcast]; Librarianista Janine Mogannam, San Francisco Public Library

January 22, 2024 download Science envoy Ceyenna Tillman, Stanford, coral reef environments [rebroadcast]; Leigh Rondon-Davis, “Babes in Ho-Lland” by Shotgun Players

January 15, 2024 download Eddie Muller, Noir City Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theatre

January 8, 2024 download Rudy Colombini, Star Factory; Alexandra Stein, “Transcode Gallery” at San Jose Museum of Art

January 1, 2024 download Science Envoy Chinmay Sonawane, Stanford, large scavengers and their role in the ecosystem

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